Write for Rights 2017

Now through December 31, 2017

You can help change the lives of this year’s 10 cases by writing letters. When combined with millions of others, your letters help convince government officials to free prisoners of conscience, support human rights defenders, and end other urgent cases of abuse. Together, we can change lives and change our world.

Please read about this year’s cases, and then do the online actions and, as soon as you can, write a letter.

Click here for a pdf with information on this year’s ten cases, including addresses for writing personal letters (and a sample letter for each case.)

Urgent Vote Feb. 27

The President has picked David Friedman, a bankruptcy attorney who backs Israeli settlements, to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel. The confirmation hearing is already over, but the Senate Foreign Relations Committee won’t vote until February 27. Please read about Mr. Friedman here.

Then, please contact the members of the committee before Feb. 27. For a list of current committee members, click here.

Thank You!

To everyone who wrote letters during this year’s Write for Rights campaign, thank you! Please look at the list of recent successes. Hopefully more will be added soon, including all of the people on whose behalf we just wrote.

We gave out many more stacks of info packs; so there may have been more letters. What we know for sure is that the following letters were mailed by this group:

For Annie Alfred: 13
for Bayram and Giyas: 10
for Edward Snowden: 10
for Eren Keskin: 11
for Formusoh Ivo Feh: 11
for Ilham Tohti: 11
for the Indigenous Peoples of the Peace River: 11
for Johan Teterrissa: 12
for Leonard Peltier: 11
for Máxima Acuña: 11
for Shawkan: 11
for Zeynab Jalalian: 11
and for our own Itai Dzamara: 11

Change of meeting location and time

We will join Black Lives Matter Charleston on Thursday, Dec. 8 at 5:00PM at North Charleston City Hall for a People’s Assembly to End Police Brutality. The meeting addresses one of the issues this group chose as important to work on. Please help – read their press release, below, and come join us.

We still need your letters for this year’s Write for Rights campaign, which is drawing to a close. In the top right corner of this website, you will find links to all of the information you need to write, even including sample letters. Note that three of the people on whose behalf we wrote last year are now free, and please write!

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Postponed – Join us Sunday, October 9

Due to Hurricane Matthew, this event has been canceled. We will post an update when it is rescheduled.

The South Carolina Green Party has invited us to table at their rally in Marion Square in downtown Charleston on Sunday, October 9 from 2:00PM to 5:00PM. We would love to meet you! Please stop by, pick up some free buttons and stickers, sign our letters and maybe pick up some information for writing your own letters.

If you need more information, email anna(at)charlestonpeace.net or send us a message on facebook.