Write for Rights 2017

Now through December 31, 2017

You can help change the lives of this year’s 10 cases by writing letters. When combined with millions of others, your letters help convince government officials to free prisoners of conscience, support human rights defenders, and end other urgent cases of abuse. Together, we can change lives and change our world.

Please read about this year’s cases, and then do the online actions and, as soon as you can, write a letter.

Click here for a pdf with information on this year’s ten cases, including addresses for writing personal letters (and a sample letter for each case.)

First ever bill on Palestinian human rights introduced to U.S. Congress

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) introduced a House bill on Tuesday that seeks to prohibit the U.S. from funding the detention and prosecution of Palestinian children in the Israeli military court system. The legislation is said to be the first time a bill on Palestinian human rights has ever been introduced to Congress.

The 11-page bill comes several weeks after a report was released by Israeli rights groups, with the support of the European Union, which revealed “broad, systemic abuse by Israeli authorities,” against Palestinian teenagers detained in occupied East Jerusalem.

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Text of the bill (pdf): Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act

Speak out for Máxima Acuña

Journalist Muhammad Bekzhanov was arrested by Uzbekistani security forces in 1999. He was beaten, suffocated and given electric shocks until he confessed to fabricated charges. A judge ignored his claims of torture and used Muhammad’s forced confession to send him to prison.

 You and thousands of other Amnesty supporters tirelessly campaigned  for his release as part of Write for Rights 2015 – you never gave up on  him.

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Amnesty International USA: Immigration Raids Raise Human Rights Concerns

Following reports of immigration raids across the country, Amnesty International executive director Margaret Huang released the following statement:

“Reports of immigration raids in the United States raise grave human rights concerns. It is a violation of human rights to deport people with asylum claims, meaning that they face persecution or violence if they are deported, and it is a violation of human rights to tear families apart through deportation. We call for an immediate pause in these raids and a suspension of this Executive Order in order to ensure that people’s human rights are protected.”


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We will fight Donald Trump’s Muslim ban every step of the way

by Naureen Shah, Director of Security with Human Rights at Amnesty International USA
On Friday, President Donald Trump single-handedly caused irrevocable damage to the United States’ human rights record. Trump and his administration are using bigotry to target refugees and immigrants in the name of national security.

Friday’s executive order is deliberately and heartlessly blind to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis the world is currently facing. It violates human rights and goes against this country’s shared values of equality, dignity and opportunity for all.
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Now more than ever we need to protect human rights. But do people still care?

 by Salil Shetty, Secretary-General, Amnesty International

The turbulent events of 2016 have left people questioning many of the basic precepts on which the international system is based. Some politicians in particular seem set on tearing up the rulebook and starting from scratch as they struggle to respond to global threats and challenges, from economic crisis to acts of terrorism.

But governments trying to find stability by curtailing long-established human rights are going in the wrong direction: the solution to our problems is a stronger commitment to human rights, not a weaker one.
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Urgent Action: Zimbabwe (2)

Urgent Action Update: Zimbabwe Human Rights Defender Out On Bail (Zimbabwe: UA 169/16)

February 10, 2017
Pastor Evan Mawarire, a human rights defender and leader of the #ThisFlag movement in Zimbabwe has been granted bail by the High Court. He is expected to stand trial for the charges against him. Amnesty International is concerned that Pastor Evan Mawarire’s charges are an attempt to intimidate him and prevent his human rights work.                       Take Action