URGENT: Call your Representative: Guantánamo must close

closeguantanamoDear activist,

We urgently need your help. Congress is voting this week on whether to prevent President Obama from closing Guantánamo.

There are still 61 detainees there. Many were tortured. And many have been locked away for more than a decade, without ever having been charged with a crime.

Congress is trying to keep them there – and keep Guantánamo open forever. They want Guantánamo to be the United States’s permanent offshore prison, to hold people without charge until they simply perish. Read more

After Five Years in Iranian Prison, Omid Kokabee Is Released

Omid KokakbeeFormer UT graduate student Omid Kokabee has been released on parole, his attorney announced Monday.

A member of Kokabee’s family in Iran, who requested anonymity out of concern for their safety, said that Kokabee is feeling well and is eager to return to his scientific studies. “He is recovering very fast and as always, very lively to get back to science,” the family member said. “He is already working hard!” Asked if Kokabee might consider returning to the Forty Acres, the family member said, “He always loved UT. We have to give him some time to decide.”

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